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    You've always wanted to start yoga in order to drop these extra pounds. But you wanted to do something more exciting than hitting the trend mill for hours in order to achieve weight loss! You've thought of attending yoga classes at the local gym or yoga studio but you've always wondered whether you would see any results exercising along with 50 people with different bodies and needs than yours. 

"There should be a way someone could guide me, step by step, shaping my OWN body!".


     Eventually you concluded that doing it at home would be the best solution. You would do it at your own times, no driving to and from the gym, no eyes on you while stretching or performing a position the wrong way! You are close to making it happen. Congradulations!!!

Do you know how to do yoga at home?... 

You just have to get some yoga information. That's IT! Piece of cake.

  Well... good luck with yoga bikram, sivananda, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, pranayama yoga, kundalini yoga, prana yoga, restorative...  and all the other yoga types you will find exist. Which one is best for you? You don't want to try something only to find out six months latter there was something else, giving better results!    

  You could follow online courses, there should exist a few yoga websites but, they charge at least 20$ per month! A tv yoga trainer would be good though...

You CAN find out about the benefits of having a personal yoga instructor 

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     My sister came across a video last June. Revelation!!! 
She took a 3 week course and the results were unbelievable!!!

There was a female instructor helping yoga beginners.  As my sister told me, she would practice beginner yoga at the first sessions so she could build the foundation for her students and, at the end, the would be practicing advanced yoga.

As mentioned above, the first session was the foundation building. There was a purpose for that. She wanted to teach her students the correct way of performing the positions and, moreover, she wanted to ignite their metabolism so they could start losing weight.

In the second session, she would begin with body shaping and "fixing" problem areas women face everyday... However, the psychological effect of the changes taking place little by little would feed her students with motivation so they would not quit halfway.

At the third session maximum visual results took place and there was no turning back. Their metabolism would change during the previous 2 stages and the results were obvious.

The link below will lead you to the specific video. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. <<REMEMBER>> though.. if you need more information on yoga and weight loss, just submit you email to the form above to receive our newsletters.

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